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“The brain is the organ of adaptation. It is also the organ of relationship.”

Dr. Paul Brown

About Us

Professor Paul Brown PhD

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Prof. Paul Brown is the Chairman and Managing Director of ION Consulting International Pte. Ltd. As a practising clinical and organisational psychologist, in 2008 he held the world’s first visiting professorial appointment in organisational neuroscience at London’s South Bank University following his Visiting Professorship in Individual and Organisational Psychology at Nottingham Law School (2002-11). He is now Professor of Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland and Visiting Professor at Henley Business School, UK, and attached to three other UK universities for higher degree supervision.  

He taught annually at the UK’s Royal College of Defence Studies for twenty-five years and has taught as a guest lecturer at the Fulbright / Harvard Kennedy Economics Teaching Program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With a long-standing professional advisory interest in how family businesses are handed on to the next generation and in innovation, creativity, start-ups and incubators, his own research interests within the framework of applied neuroscience focus on how to track energy flow in organisations and developing an integrated theory of the individual and the organisation.

Practising for the past fifty years not only as clinical and organisational psychologist but also as an executive coach and supervisor, he has in recent time co-authored Neuropsychology for Coaches: Understanding The Basics (2012: McGraw-Hill/Open University Press); River Dragon (a novel about the ethical dilemmas of an executive coach, 2014: Spartan Press); Neuroscience for Leadership: Harnessing The Brain Gain Advantage (2015 Palgrave Macmillan, which won a category Gold in the 2016 Chartered Management Institute’s ‘Management Book of the Year’ awards); The Fear-Free Organization (2015 Kogan Page); and All the Brains in the Business (2019 Palgrave/Macmillan), exploring the unique contribution, differences, and value that women bring to organisations. He writes an occasional column called Brain Gain for the management publication Developing Leaders. In February 2016, when there were still seventeen Republican candidates in the field, he predicted in print that Donald Trump would become President of the United States and showed within his Limbic Leadership model why that was likely to be the case. 


In 2022 and in co-operation with IEDP ( ION Consulting is starting a new publishing house, ION Press, to create books with special relevance to applied neuroscience in executive coaching and organisational consulting.  See here 

Nandini is the Executive Director of ION Consulting International Pte Ltd.  She is an experienced executive coach and learning facilitator, based out of Singapore. She offers one on one executive coaching, be-spoke programs on leadership, team effectiveness, career transition for individuals and groups. Nandini practices emotionally empowering coaching which is strength-based and rests on the knowledge of the way our brain works. She draws from the GROW model, Applied Neuroscience, Neurobehavioral Modelling, and Narrative Therapy. 

In her career spanning 20 years in the industry, she has worn several hats – corporate leader, brand strategist, content strategist, consumer insights professional, academic researcher, and innovator. She is accredited with the International Association of Coaching (IAC) as a Masteries Practitioner and an alumni of Dr Paul Brown’s Science of the Art of Coaching Programme (Applied Neuroscience for Coaches). She has additional certifications in Extended DISC (USA), Lego Serious Play and Hofstede’s Culture in the Workplace (CWQ). She is also an alumna of Advanced Certification in Training & Assessment, (ACTA), Singapore. She has also been a research advisor to ICF ( International Coach Federation ), Singapore. She also practices under the imprint of Rhizome Learning. In her last stint, Nandini was the co-founder of a boutique consumer insights and knowledge consultancy called Insights and More. Other than that, she has worked as a researcher and case writer in INSEAD, Singapore.

Nandini lives with her family in Singapore, adapting and updating to a new world accessed by safe technology. She is also a Reiki therapist and mindfulness enthusiast.


Nandini Das Ghoshal

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Ian Glover


Located in UK, Ian is a seasoned finance executive with extensive international experience encapsulating a wide range of business skills including expertise in pricing, governance and regional management. He has high energy and drive coupled with effective execution and organisational skills as well as strong influencing behaviour working at a senior level across lines of business, support departments and project management.  He has spent the majority of his 35-year professional career in financial services working for the international rating agency, Moody’s Investors Service, culminating as a Managing Director with the firm.

Since leaving Moody’s in 2017 Ian has been a Trustee and treasurer for a small charity, Teach2teach International and sits on the Management Board of a historic house in Kent as well as variously providing financial consultancy services.

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