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Dr. Paul Quote

“ Organisationally, the significance of the difference between the survival emotions and the attachment emotions is that, in the former, energy is massively directed inwards; whilst with the attachment emotions that generate a sense of belonging energy flows outwards – to creativity, colleagues, customers, and the excitement of accomplishment.”

Dr. Paul Brown


ION Inspiration

There are many consulting organisations and individuals offering a variety of services claiming some basis of knowledge about the workings of the brain.  It is ION Consulting’s perspective that many such offerings have simply attached bits of knowledge about the brain to old practices in a re-packaging exercise but lack fundamental knowledge of individual human behaviour as understood from an applied neuroscience perspective.

ION Inspiration brings together programmes that are reliably rooted in the application of the modern brain sciences as the most direct way of unleashing human potential. The programmes listed here carry ION Consulting’s imprimatur as being well-grounded in relevant scientific knowledge about the brain and the individual.  The ION Partnership also brings together on an accessible professional platform senior independent executive coaches who practice through the lens of applied neuroscience – see

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