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ION Consulting International, Singapore is a consulting firm centred on the practical applications of how the new knowledge about human behaviour that is coming from the modern brain sciences can be used 
with individuals and organizations into creating circumstances where individuals give of their best and both they and the organization thrive.

​ION Consulting International recognizes that human beings are primarily energy systems; and that it is the way that energy is applied or wasted that creates or fails to generate intended and profitable outcomes. Special areas of interest include understanding what a sustainable 21st century organization might look like and how to get there: creating scientifically-based coaching cultures in organisations: supporting new and especially young entrants to organisations within hybrid office cultures: and advancing executive coaching. Change, development and growth in individuals and organizations are central to ION Consulting’s focus.


The Chairman of ION Consulting International is Dr. Paul Brown, a worldwide leader in the development of applied neuroscience. He is Professor of Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland and a Visiting Professor at Henley Business School, UK. A clinical and organizational psychologist and executive coach and supervisor, he lives in Laos where he was at one time part of the National Science Council in the Office of the Prime Minister. He consults and teaches throughout South East Asia and Europe.

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Book Launch

The book

Brains Inspiring Businesses for Leaders and Executives

Available at Amazon


Edited by:

Dr. Paul Brown and

Nandini Das Ghoshal

Offered by Dr Paul Brown, a leading global voice in Applied Neuroscience

Based on Applied Neuroscience as the knowledge foundation for a coaching practice.

Unique blended learning CPD programme certified by ICF 

6 month engagement with access to researched knowledge  & practice, with classes delivered LIVE and with webinars

On completion, continuous learning and engagement by means of an  invitation to join the ION Partnership, a global soro-fraternity of senior executive coaches.

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