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The Science of the Art of Coaching

A CPD programme in Applied Neuroscience for Coaches

The programme started in 2008 as a 2-hour x 4-monthly NeuroGroup meeting in London.  In 2012, at the request of the Association for Coaching, the NeuroGroup content was developed by Paul Brown with his colleague Virginia Brown into a more advanced in-depth programme rooted in their co-authored book Neuropsychology for Coaches.  The programme has since been developed further by Dr. Paul Brown and delivered live in London, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong and, in a shortened form, Malaysia and Indonesia.    It is now delivered on-line involving 73 hours of face-to-face teaching and practical supervised development over six months, backed by reading and reflection. 

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Details of Upcoming SAC Programme - January 2023

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Offered by Dr Paul Brown, a leading global voice in Applied Neuroscience 
Based on Applied Neuroscience as the knowledge foundation for a coaching practice.
Unique blended learning CPD programme certified by ICF 

Programme Presenters

Dr. Paul Brown

Founder & Principal Instructor

Saba Hasanie, MBA

Biographical Dimensions of Meaning Making (BDMM)

Emma Russell, MBA

The Biology of Behavior

Soraya Shaw, MSc ( Applied Neuroscience )

Resilient Wellbeing

Khyati Kapai

Faculty Member for Time to Think

Nandini Das Ghoshal

Executive Director

Online Workshop

Session Details:

All sessions will be conducted online, via Zoom. Participants will receive sets of all the slides used in the sessions plus detailed reading references.

SAC 2022-23; CCE.ICF Accredited

Course Fee

GBP 3500/ SGD 6520 - payable in 2 instalments. Book your place with the first payment of GBP 2000/ SGD 3750. 


Note :

For existing SAC Alumni, the Science of the Art of Coaching 2022 can be attended as a refresher course at a nominal charge.

ION Consulting International will issue a receipt once you make the payment.

Certificates of Completion will be awarded to all participants successfully meeting the requirements of attendance and the presentation of Reflection Journals. All completing course members will be invited to join the ION Partnership, a sorofraternity of senior global coaches and consultants.

The Science of the Art of Coaching is Approved by ICF for Core Competencies 15.5 and RD 62 

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“Dr Paul Brown’s SAC programme is by far the richest, most informative coaching related programme I have attended in my professional career. Developed with the most advanced research on neurosciences and facilitated by one of the most brilliant minds in psychotherapy and coaching today. The insights gained have made me a more effective coach and have fundamentally changed my perspective on human behavior. A must attend for any professional wanting to better understand how applied neurosciences are changing the way we deal with both people and organisations.” 


I attended Dr Paul Brown’s SAC programme twice (in Hong Kong and Singapore) to deepen my understanding of applied neuroscience for my executive coaching and facilitation practice.  This was the go-to course for me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest neuroscience as it applies to designing and offering grounded and practical designs for organisational clients.​With Paul’s insights into the fear-free organisation and my Thinking Environment training, I’m able to enhance my offerings for organisations that are committed to creating the conditions where people can function at their best.  The SAC alumni community which has evolved as the ION partnership is a valuable network of like-minded professionals who come together to keep up with the developments in applied neuroscience, and collaborate through combined expertise.  Paul is an incredibly supportive mentor and encourages us to go further in our unexplored thinking and interests to create even more value in our professional offerings.  I’m grateful for the thinking and learning I can do with him.


"How will my work with a leader nurture continual growth and sustainable change for the client and the wider organisation, well beyond the coaching engagement?" This is a question I always challenge myself with, and The Science of the Art of Coaching offers the answer. Facilitating a programme rich in practical knowledge about the workings of the brain and behaviour, Dr. Paul Brown is exceptionally talented in presenting complex neuroscientific findings in a relatable, easy-to-comprehend way. Highly recommended for coaches who want to go beyond process and techniques."


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